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Privacy Policy


This policy governs all services offered by Newton ADU, encompassing our websites and our coaching/consulting services. However, it does not extend to services delivered by our professional partners, nor to any external sites, companies, or organizations that may advertise or link to our services. Should you have any inquiries regarding this policy, the information we have gathered about you, or our data protection practices, please feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to making commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard your data.

Info we collect

We collect information to improve our services, focusing on three types:

  1. Web Traffic and Usage Data: To analyze site usage and make necessary improvements.

  2. Personal Information: For connecting you with suitable partners and services.

  3. Communications and Feedback: Including comments and email communications.

We aim to minimize data risk by collecting only essential information.

Usage Information - We use third-party analytics to understand site interactions, employing cookies to collect data like browser/device IDs, IP address, and location. This information helps us in site optimization but doesn't identify individual users. 

Personal Data - Your personal details, such as home and email addresses, and ADU-related goals, are securely stored and treated as confidential. 


Feedback - Your feedback and communications are recorded and considered personal information.

Using your information

We utilize collected information for three main purposes:

  1. Service Improvement and Expansion: We leverage your feedback and web traffic data to enhance user experience, ensure smooth functionality, and develop new services.

  2. Connecting Homeowners with Partners: We may share your personal information, including contact details, with select professional partners to assist in achieving your goals. 

  3. Communication: We'll keep you informed about site updates, blog posts, or other relevant news. Communications are mainly through email, and we’re committed to keeping them minimal. You're free to unsubscribe at any time.


We promise not to sell your data or share it with anyone outside our approved partners, except as anonymized, non-personal data for general reporting.

Changes and updates to this policy

We continually reassess this policy to ensure adherence to its guidelines and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Periodic modifications or extensions to the policy may occur, and any updates will be reflected on our website. 

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